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RAPO - Road Accidents Prevention Organisation, an NGO with Innovative Idea to Provide information on Accidents, Missing, Found and Unknown Dead Body Found covering across India. The unique information concept will collaborate with Home Departments of Centre and States, who in turn will support by sharing and uploading the database of the mentioned categories on the website developed by RAPO, This will facilitate to identify the unidentified victims.

The idea to form this organisation to keep a track / vigil and be informative, as the accidents ratio all over is in the same pace, many of them who met with an accident are not identified / traceable in terms of identification at the shortest possible time. will upload the detail information on the website, the details of the victims with the concerned Police Station details, Identifying the address in case of 2 wheeler / 4 Wheeler vehicles, which met with an accident ( in association with Police / RTA dept).

There are number of accidents who’s identity is not found e g, Mentally retarded, person from other destinations, Missing persons, persons with no identity, etc., with this website at least some extend it will be very much useful. It will gather the necessary information and upload on website on daily basis / the time we gather details whichever is earliest. will start functioning with Hyderabad – Andhra Pradesh and will spread its wings state wise across India. This website will also provide Tips on Traffic Rules and Regulation, Clips of Short films on Traffic Safety, Ratio of Accidents, do’s and don’ts, suggestion & complaints, etc,.

Whenever there is Natural Calamities / Disasters across the globe, every individual has contributed to counter the same. Like wise accidents across India / Globe is at the same pace and its not less than a disaster. India registers highest number of road accidents every year. India has recorded over 1,05,749 deaths in the year 2006 as against China’s toll of 89,455 as per latest figures, pushing China to second position. Most of the cases are of hit and run. As Every year lakhs of people met with an accidents assuming the ratio of 1:10, i.e., with one family member victim of accident, makes suffer the entire family comprising 10 members, which is not less than a disaster.

  1. Certain cases the person travelling from on city / state to other, met with an accident and his known is unidentified at the same time after a short time, their family approaches concern Police station in their respective city / place and files a complaint of missing. In such scenario the national database in will find the whereabouts.

  2. Missing & Found is again a major issues where the children & mental retarded persons gets into trap, this national database will access to all info about missing & found with the complainant address so that the network and source will play a justified role. The missing persons can be handover to their respective family at the shortest possible time.

  3. The same in Unknown Body Found Cases identification which will be solved easily through the national database.
RAPO - Awareness Campaign
  1. To prevent and control road accidents by enhancing knowledge and understanding of road traffic and its code; behavioral skills necessary to survive in the presence of road traffic; knowledge of causes and consequence of road accidents; responsible attitude for saving lives and limbs on roads are some of the objectives of the road safety awareness campaign of the organisation. road junction campaign, foot rallies on road safety, interactive workshop, performance on road safety themes are the part of campaign to be organized in targeting school going children, college students, motor vehicle drivers, other road users.

  2. It is generally seen in accidents that the drivers and passengers of smaller vehicles suffer most. This condition gets worsened in the case of accidents of two wheelers because no outer protection is provided in them. However, by knowing some safety precautions these accidents can be avoided or reduced to minimize.

  3. In order to come up with a long term solution to traffic chaos and to control increasing road accidents, a `RAPO - Road Accidents Prevention Organisation' has been constituted. An initiative of Dataline Online Infotech Inc. It will focus on ensuring road safety, removal of encroachment, better road engineering, parking spaces and smooth flow of traffic. It will also identify accident prone zones and work out strategies for reducing accidents at such places. The idea is to be consistent in efforts taken up to ensure safe and smooth driving to people. "Regular meeting will help implement things in continuity,"
But most importantly, respect for life is what really matters. “You may not value your own life, but your family and friends do. In the event of an accident, possibly due to your carelessness, you may be saved without a scratch, but somebody may be killed or maimed. This is a heavy cross to bear, and you bear it forever.” It’s a team work, let’s join hands for controlling / Reducing accidents / creating awareness and with a mission forming RAPO- Road Accidents Prevention Organisation.

Shafiur Rahman
Chairperson & Founder

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